Update re First Aid Response (FAR)

From January 2019, First Aid Response is the only first aid course that will be accepted by the pre-school inspector for the purposes of compliance. Only one FAR trained person is required to be on the premises at any time . Proportionally more will be required in bigger services . No Specific figures were given for the bigger services.

**Please Note: Anyone intending on participating in First Aid Response or Refresher First Aid Response from this point forward should ensure that the trainer is a FAR Instructor recognised by PHECC.**

For your information, please see below a copy of the article on First Aid contained in the December issue of the Tulsa News Letter for Early Years Services:
“First Aid Response (FAR) The Early Years Inspectorate recognise the first aid training course: First Aid Response (FAR) developed by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) and delivered by a training provider approved by PHECC as meeting the required standard for compliance with the revised regulation in early years registered services.

PHECC is responsible for approving organisations to become PHECC recognised institutions to quality assure the delivery of the FAR training standard. It is important when accessing FAR training that the PHECC certified FAR Instructor is recognised by PHECC.

The FAR offers appropriate training for individuals who require a first aid skill set for both adults and children. The FAR standard includes the full Cardiac First Response Community programme covering the skills of adult, child and infant CPR and relief of choking. All successful course participants are given joint PHECC/Recognised Institution FAR certificates.

The certificate expires after two years at which time candidates may re-certify.

From the 1st September 2017:
Early year’s staff availing of First Aid Training for the first time must undertake FAR training.
Early year’s staff seeking to renew their qualification must undertake FAR training.
Early Years staff seeking a refresher course must undertake the FAR training.

Transition Arrangement: The Early Years Inspectorate will recognise training and education and assessment relating to certified First Aid courses, the QQI’s level (5N1207) and the refresher certification that took place up to the 31st August 2017. This will be accepted until January 2019. (Please note that it is possible that the QQI component certificate could be dated post 31 August 2017, e.g. October or December 2017 – in such instances where the course has been undertaken prior to 31st August 2017 this certification will be accepted).

Documentary evidence of in date certification is required in all instances.