Early Years Service Profile 2017/2018

The Early Years Service Profile 2017/2018 is now LIVE on the PIP portal

What is the Early Years Service Profile?
The Early Years Service Profile is an annual survey completed by early years service providers. The survey is developed by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and Pobal in consultation with key stakeholders and it is the primary source of data on the Irish early years sector.
The data provided by all respondents is critical to understanding and mapping trends in the sector and is used by Government to inform future policy and planning at both local and national levels.
Services are asked to complete the service profile for each facility (i.e. one for each DCYA Reference).
Where can I access the survey?
When you login to the PIP portal, you will land on the ‘Service’ page which contains a link to the ‘Early Years Service Profile 2017/2018.’
The deadline for completing your survey is 5pm on Friday 27th April.
The Early Years Service Profile 2017/18 Guidelines (Early Years Service Profile (2017-2018) – Guidelines v2) provides helpful tips for completing your survey.
You can also find these guidelines in the How to Guides section in PIP Resources.
If your service has any questions about the Early Years Service Profile, please contact the Pobal Helpdesk at:
Email: onlinesupport@pobal.ie
Tel: 01 511 7222