New Resources for Childminders

New Resources for Childminders

A new Childminding Information Pack has been developed by the Childminding Development Officer team, it contains the most up to date information relevant to the childminding sector. The CMDO team have also published a poster ‘Infection Control Poster’ for Childminders. The Poster is available on the First 5 Guidance for Reopening webpage here

The Childminding Information Pack is divided into 4 separate documents, see below:                                                                                            

  • A Guide to Becoming a Childminder – this resource is for circulation to potential or existing Childminders and introduces them to best practice guidelines in relation to childminding

Link to PDF

  • Childminding Sample Policies & Procedures – this resource includes Sample Policy and Procedure templates for Childminders
  • Childminding Sample Record Keeping Forms – this resource includes Sample Record Keeping templates for Childminders
  • Childminding: Guidelines on Planning a Childminding Business in your own home – this resource provides financial management guidance for Childminders. The CCCs can insert local contact information at the back of the document

These additional resources are available, please contact Linda 066 7181582/ 087 9676603 email linda@kerrycounty