Childcare Providers Training

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Training

This training programme was developed to support educators to engage with the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Charter and Guidelines for Early Childhood Care and Education published in 2016.  The training aims to foster awareness about Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and to encourage and support those working in the early years sector to actively advocate for inclusion for all children and their families within the ECCE setting. It explores the key issues surrounding Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and promotes good practice in terms of supporting Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in an early childhood education and care setting.

This training programme is 15 hours and is delivered by Kerry County Childcare staff.  Two ECCE staff members from each childcare setting are invited to attend the training programme. Attendees receive a certificate of participation.  Participants must attend all 4 sessions.

February 2019

Saturday 2nd February; Kerry CCC office; 9:30am – 4pm
Wednesday 6th February; Kerry CCC office; 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Wednesday 13th February; Kerry CCC office; 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Wednesday 20th February;  Kerry CCC office; 6:30pm – 9:30pm

**Please note: where possible we will endeavour to deliver the workshops as advertised above, however dates may be subject to change. **


Always Children First: Child Safeguarding Awareness Training for Organisations:  Foundation Training

Always Children First is a standardised child protection training course which is available to Early Years Practitioners. This training programme is delivered by the Childcare Committees.

The training has been developed by the Tusla in partnership with the National Early Years Children First Committee. This co-ordinated approach to child protection training aims to provide access to a standardised training course for everyone working with children and families in the early years sector as well as promoting consistent implementation of child protection policies and procedures across the sector.

Always Children First – Child Safeguarding Awareness Training: Foundation Level:  This is a quality assured child protection training course tailored for the Early Years sector. Kerry County Childcare staff deliver training to practitioners working in preschools, full-day care services, afterschools and childminding settings. The training is delivered in Irish through Forbairt Naionrai Teoranta and Comhar Naionrai na Gaeltachta.  The 6 hour workshop is usually delivered over one full day or over two consecutive evenings.  Attendees at the workshop receive a certificate of participation. Childcare practitioners are required to renew their Always Children First certificate every 3 years.

Due to changes in Children First legislation, the Always Children First workshop is being updated.  Kerry CCC will resume delivery of workshops in the coming months.

For further information on Always Children First Child Safeguarding Awareness Training, please contact Denise / Catherine / Kathryn at Kerry Childcare Committee on (066) 7181582.

Always Children First Online Resource for students

An online information resource for early years students has been launched.  Students can access the course through their college.  To participate on the on-line course students will be instructed to set up their own accounts and complete the course in the class room setting.  For further information contact your course tutor.

Child Protection Policy Development Workshop

The National Early Years Children First Committee has developed a publication Developing a Child Protection & Welfare Policy a Resource for Early Years Settings, March 2015.

This practical resource aims to support early childhood services to develop and implement a Child Protection & Welfare Policy for their service, in line with Always Children First.  The resource is designed to be tailored to the management structure, number of employees, age of children in the service and other policies and procedures in operation in the service.

As part of our National Early Years Child Protection and Welfare Training Programme remit, Kerry CCC delivers Child Protection Policy Workshops to support and guide services in this area.

For further details or to book a place on a workshop contact Kathryn O’Donnell on 066 7181582 / 087

The National Síolta Aistear Initiative

The National Síolta Aistear Initiative has been developed to provide central support and coordination of Síolta and Aistear implementation across the early childhood sector.

The initiative has two strands:

The first will focus on Síolta, including the introduction of four Síolta awareness raising workshops and the expansion of the Síolta Quality Assurance Programme (QAP).

Services who are interested in engaging in the formal Siolta QAP process should contact Catherine Callaghan on 066 7181582 / 087

The second strand relates to Aistear, and will see the delivery of workshops and coaching to support practitioners to use Aistear in their setting.

Catherine was selected as a Siolta/Aistear mentor and has participated in a number of seminars on specific areas of practice to further support her work with practitioners.

The Síolta Aistear Introductory Workshop

The Síolta Aistear Introductory Workshop provides an overview of the two national early years’ frameworks, Síolta and Aistear, and the online support tool, the Aistear Síolta Practice Guide.  The 2.5 hour workshop will support participants to:

  • learn about the purpose and structure of Síolta and Aistear
  • explore the connections between the two frameworks
  • find out more about the Aistear Síolta Practice Guide
  • examine the possibilities for further support and guidance in relation to Aistear and Síolta in the early childhood sector

Once a practitioner has attended this workshop, he/she qualifies to participate on the 10 hours of Aistear workshops below. (Please be aware that other criteria may apply.)

For further information on this please contact Catherine Callaghan on 066 7181582 / 087

Aistear Workshops

10 hours of Aistear workshops were piloted across the country. Settings taking part attended five two-hour workshops, and availed of four one-hour visits from their mentor over a six-month period.  Catherine Callaghan facilitated the pilot in Kerry and hopes to offer the workshops to interested services in the near future.

For further information on this please contact Catherine Callaghan on 066 7181582 / 087

New Practice Guide Resources

The Aistear Síolta Practice Guide is an online resource to support practitioners to use Aistear and Síolta together to improve the quality of their curriculum.  The Practice Guide can be accessed at at

Literacy & Numeracy Workshop

As a result of the National Strategy – ‘Literacy & Numeracy for Learning and Life’ (DES 2011 – 2020), the Department of Children & Youth Affairs (DCYA) have directed all City & County Childcare Committees to prioritise Literacy & Numeracy training for all childcare providers.

The Literacy workshop looks at:

  • Developing listening skills in children
  • Early reading
  • Development of story telling/inventing
  • Purposeful emergent writing

The Numeracy workshop looks at:

  • Consideration of a mathematically rich environment
  • Developing a maths learning zone
  • Collections
  • Numbers and calculating through rhymes

Please contact Catherine on 066 7181582 / 087