Sharing books with your children, Tips for parents:

  • Try to make time everyday to share a book with your child
  • Find a quiet place to share your story.  Turn off the TV and radio as this will help your child to listen without distraction.
  • Read the story to your child and talk about the pictures
  • Relate the pictures or story to people and places that you know
  • Books with rhyme and repetition – encourage your child to join in
  • You don’t always have to ‘read’ a book, you can point at the pictures and talk about them
  • If your child already knows the story, let them take the lead and retell the story to you.  Ask questions like ‘What’s your favourite part of the story?’; ‘How do you think she felt about that?’
  • New stories are good for encouraging predicting skills, ask your child what they think happens next
  • Don’t worry if your child regularly brings home the same storybook, children love to revisit the same stories
  • Talk to your child about minding their books
  • Remember to return the book on the selected weekday so that your child is able to choose a new book
  • Let other grown-ups – grandparents, carers and older brothers and sisters –join in too.
  • Don’t read for too long, little and often is best
  • Remember you’re not teaching your child to read, you’re just encouraging a love of story…

If you are interested in further information on sharing books with children then why not have a look at our leaflet ‘Read with Me’.