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Parent & Toddler Groups Grants – *2024 Application Process has closed *

The Parent and Toddler grant application process for 2024 is now open.

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Closing date for competed applications is 3rd May 2024


‘A Support Guide to Developing & Running a Parent & Toddler Group’

Kerry County childcare Committee has developed a support guide for Parent & Toddler Groups in Kerry. ‘A County Childcare Committee Support Guide to Developing & Running a Parent & Toddler Group was developed to help anyone wishing to set up a parent and toddler group or those currently running one; to ensure a quality service is provided that runs smoothly and conveniently for all the children and parents attending.

The guide is also about celebrating the vital role that Parent & Toddler groups perform in Kerry. They provide a welcoming place for all parents, carers and childminders to make friends and feel supported. Groups can be the basis for developing long-lasting relationships for young families looking for friendship and support.  They are a place where children can learn to interact with other children and develop social skills. Parent & Toddler Groups can be a starting point to go forward, maybe branching out into parenting groups and other supportive courses. Ultimately, parent and toddler groups make a great contribution to the life of a community.

This guide was developed by Kerry County Childcare Committee in conjunction with Nora O’Callaghan of FAS in Tralee through the County Childcare Committee Grant Scheme they administer. This scheme has provided an opportunity for new ideas from Kerry County Childcare Committee in line with the FÁS Social Inclusion Fund.

Kerry County Childcare Committee has also developed a Parent & Toddler Information Leaflet for parents. The leaflet answers questions like what a Parent & Toddler group is; who a Parent & Toddler group is open to, what happens at a Parent & Toddler group meeting and much more.

If you want to find out more about our support guide, information leaflet or to get a copy of both, please contact Pamela on 066 7181582 /