Up To Date Information on Covid 19

Early Years Providers & Childminders

For all up to date information on Covid 19 and Procedures and Tips you may find useful please follow this link to the First 5 website where information is updated on a regular basis.

You can also access the Preschool at Home Hub here, this may give you ideas for working with children especially if the children are at home and have not yet returned to the service.

Parents Information

You can access the Preschool at Home Hub here this will give some ideas and suggestions of how you can help your child to have Preschool experiences at home. It has video clips and practical ideas to help you with ideas.

Also on the First 5 website you can find more information for Parents on how they can access Childcare and what they can do to make the transition back into a service easier for their child. In the first section on this page (blue colour) called Level 5 Restrictions and Arrangements you will find a FAQ sections for parents which will answer some of your questions. Find this here.